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install bcm  juin 2022

The Bonder is a semi-automatic, computer-controlled, stand-alone substrate bonder equipped with a vacuum/pressure chamber and a loading arm. The machine processes aligned and unaligned wafers, substrates and chips. All bonding pair alignment is done on the BA6 tool , the substrate stacks are mechanically clamped using the transport fixture, and then transported and bonded in the SB6 chamber.

For aligned and unaligned wafers using thermo-compression, anodic, fusion, adhesive or any related bond technology.


Equipment Capabilities:

  • Wafer size: pieces smaller than 2-inch, 2-inch up to 4-inch.
  • Aligned bonding: Down to 3 μm depending on process conditions.
  • Two ceramic heaters, Temperature up to 550°C
  • The pressure inside the chamber is controlled via pumps: roughing, turbo pumps and valves.
  • Max vacuum: 5e-5mbar in 5 minutes
  • Bond Voltage; -500V to -600V for bond initiation and -800V to -1200V for anodic bonding.
  • Maximum Peak Current: 15 mA.
  • Tool Pressure up to 18 KN for 6-inch
  • Motorized z-axis, pneumatic and simultaneous spacers and clamps movements
Tool name:

install bcm  juin 2022


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