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CMNF - Int├ęgration
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The Flip Chip Die Bonder model PP6-6 is designed for accurate placement of delicate devices on substrate.
It achieves high accuracy placement using high magnification optical device.
The machine provides for single collet vacuum pick and place of die from waffle pack, wafer, Gel-Pak or bulk die media and features adjustable and repeatable subsonic scrub. The placement accuracy is < 3μm, upon configuration.
Small and large devices can placed with flipped vision.
All Process options of PP6 series are available on PP6-6.
A full automated die bonding sequence with according epoxy pattern are programmable Off-Line… as a simple matrix or multiple locations..
A robust, and reliable mechanical concept, designed to be external vibration free.

Tool name:
PP6 Flexible Rework station


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