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CMNF - Thermique et Implantation
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EATON-AXCELIS GA 3204 is a medium current reactor. The possibility to use the materials in different states (gases, salts, metals and liquids) makes this equipment the unique tool in France because of its capability to implant very large range of the chemical species. In the standard mode, it is possible to implant the chemical species from 20kEv to 200 kEv. Recently, the implanter was equipped with deceleration module that makes possible the low energy implantation from 3kEv to 20kEV. One can perform the implantation at different angles to the substrate for 3D structures and with rotated samples and in the wide temperature range, from -10°C to 300°C. The implantation is often followed with the rapid thermal annealing to recover the crystal damage. Two RTA plates are using: Jipelec JetStar 100S and Anealsys One with the max temperature up to 1200°C. The implantation and the annealing are realized by a technician and SRIM simulation by an engineer. No possible “free” using for this tool.

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Eaton-Axcelis, USA


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