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CMNF - Gravure
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The tool is for etching thin (< 200 nm) layers of (poly)silicon, silicon nitrides and silicon oxides.

Other thin layers (e.g. graphene, graphene oxide, GaN) may also be etched if necessary.

The removal (ashing) of photoresist is not allowed ; use Bâti 5 or TEPLA (preferred).

Please follow the correct plasma cleaning procedure after etching (displayed beside the tool). 


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Tool name:
Bati5 bis (RIE)
PlasmaLab 80 Plus


Below are some typical etch processes for the tool "Bâti 5bis". Please note that the below values are indicative only. Actual values will depend on various factors, such as the size of your sample and the state of the tool. Also, for best results, you should:

  • run a conditionning process before you etch
  • verify etch rates / profiles on a test sample

Bâti 5bis Typical Etch Processes

Etch rates    
Material Gas flow (sccm) Power (W) Pressure (mTorr) DC bias (V) nm/min Support Comments
Si3N4 (PECVD) CHF3/40 CF4/40 180 50 490 85 Quartz plate Anisotropic etching
SiO2 (PECVD) CHF3/40 CF4/40 180 50 490 33 Quartz plate  
SiO2 (PECVD) CF4/10 O2/40 125 100 474 35 Quartz plate  
Si (bulk 100) SF6/10 N2/10 50 100 249 350 Quartz plate  



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