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Confocal Microscopy

Capture superb confocal images at least 10 times faster than point scanner-based systems with the Andor Benchtop Confocal!

BC43 is a prime solution for 3D imaging of thick samples. A high sensitivity, high-speed imaging camera makes it perfect for live-cell confocal imaging.

A motorised XY stage allows multiple point acquisition, large organism montages and multipoint scanning resulting in outstanding productivity from a single imaging experiment.

Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy

Widefield imaging:

  • Offers the gentlest illumination mode for samples that are super-sensitive to light
  • Detects lower sample signals than in confocal mode
  • Offers the fastest imaging speeds to capture dynamic processes in live cells

Use ClearView™ GPU to remove sample blur and enhance resolution, ensuring the best quality images.

Transmitted Light Microscopy

BC43 also delivers two different transmitted light options for amazing imaging flexibility:

  • Use Brightfield Mode to visualise the development of larger organisms whose structures naturally deliver high contrast images
  • For thinner samples and/or those with higher transparency, use Differential Phase Contrast (DPC) mode to draw out their structure

You can also mix and match modes like DPC and Widefield for even more imaging flexibility

Powerful and Intuitive Acquisition Software

At the heart of BC43 is a software that is not only feature-rich and flexible to your needs, it is easy-to-use as well:

  • Imaris rendering engine – stunning real-time 3D images
  • Clear and concise user-interface – acquire images in no time
  • Multi-dimensional imaging protocols – advanced 3D time lapse or multi-position montage made easy

Comprehensive Image Analysis Software with AI Tools

BC43 comes with an introductory Imaris package, allowing users to:
  • Visualise your 2D/3D/4D images in the world’s leading interactive microscopy image analysis software
  • Generate isosurface reconstructions for better interpretation and presentation of raw images
  • Create high-resolution snapshots and multi-dimensional movies with ease
  • Use Imaris Arena to manage your microscopy images on local and network drives.

Add Imaris modules, which include a machine learning object classifier, to explore the subtle, yet biologically important interactions amongst and within cells. Identify, track, and quantify the cells, organelles and proteins within your images.

Cell Biology

BC43 conquers the diverse range of protocols that Cell Biology experiments demand: from a simple 2D snapshot of a cell to understanding dynamic processes with time-lapse.

BC43's unrivalled clarity and speed will save you time without compromising resolution (X,Y or Z) or field of view.

  • Confocal mode for fast, high-resolution imaging of tissues
  • Widefield mode for higher sensitivity and maximum speeds
  • Built in GPU-based ClearView™ technology boosts image clarity
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