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CMNF - Soft Litho
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CNC milling machine, DATRON NEO

Development of fluidics (devices) or mechanical compounds (molds) in polymer or hard materials

  The DATRON neo is a CNC milling machine which enables the ultra-fast and efficient machining of different materials.

  Whether for 3, 3 + 2 or 5 simultaneous, high precision or economical machining.


Compatible materials:



-light alloys



-carbon fiber reinforced plastic

-stainless steel

-green ceramics



Machine capabilities:



-3D engraving

The machine offer the highest level of precision and surface quality


Datron Machine Technology:

-Ultra-fast spindles up to 60,000 rpm.

-Quick installation thanks to DATRON clamping devices

-Flexible modular clamping solutions

-Minimal quantity cooling / lubrication circuit

-Automatic tool changer

-Patented technology for ultra-fast machining

-Quick and easy programming

-Microsoft Windows based control

-Optional automation solutions

-Very low consumption

Tool name:
CNC fraiseuse numérique


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