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Leica DMi8 Microscope

-Phase-contrast and fluorescence microscopy

-X, Y and Z motorized stage

-Adaptativ focus control for time lapse experiment

-Incubation chamber for the control of temperature and CO2 level for real time imaging


 This microscope makes it possible to make acquisitions in phase contrast and epi-fluorescence. It is equipped with a motorized X, Y and Z stage.  The Adaptive Focus Control (AFC) allows long-term acquisitions without focus drift over time. The temperature-controlled and CO2-controlled environmental enclosure allows real-time imaging of devices possibly coupled to microfluidics.


 The microscope is equipped with a large chamber incubation system for the stabilization of temperature and humidity which is designed for pre-heating cell and tissue cultures.


 Providing extra space for large and long-term experiments, this large incubator can easily accommodate small or large equipment within their tightly controlled environment.
 This incubator is used in combination with a Heating Unit 2000. Temperature control is carried out with the TempController 2000-2.

 For a local CO2 gassing, the system has been upgraded with specific Heating Inserts and CO2-Covers in combination with the CO2 Controller 2000. A Humidification Bottle is provided with every gassing unit.

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Leica DMi8
Leica DMi8


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